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Desktop Sequence Analysis Packages

In response to many requests from the Penn community, the Facility has negotiated licenses and set up a centralized key server for a number of desktop sequence analysis packages. This enables us to provide these packages to Penn Scientists at a fraction of the cost for static licenses. An additonal advantage is that the packages can be run on multiple computers without the need for a hardware licensing device or key. Following are the software packages currently available.

MacVector: Provides a comprehensive set of sequence analysis tools. "MacVector provides sequence editing, PCR primer analysis, Internet database searches, protein analysis, and a wide variety of other functions. View the results of any analysis function in graphical or text format." (Macvector)

Sequencher: (Mac and PC) "The tool of choice for contig assembly, sequence analysis and SNP detection. Imports NCBI GenBank sequences and annotation and provides numerous functions for batch sample handling." Live technical support ( and tutorials ( available to all subscribers.

Lasergene: "Lasergene is a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use sequence analysis software for Windows and Macintosh" (DNAStar). This product runs on both Mac and PC and the developers are committed to maintaining releases for both platforms. This is a full featured package and includes all the modules available for Lasergene.

Geneious Pro: A powerful, comprehensive cross-platform analysis package. Full feature list here.

Fees: Rather than passing on to users a license to individual packages, we have decided to provide these packages to investigators for an annual subscription to sequence analysis desktop software provided by the Facility. The cost of this subscription is $350 / year / lab for installation onto two computers. Installation on more than two computers costs an additional $75 / computer / year. This is a small fraction of the cost of purchasing any one of these packages and has the added advantage that the programs can be run on multiple computers

Our commitment: We are committed to maintaining the license servers with the latest version of the software and enough licenses to satisify the needs of the Penn community.

Signing Up: You can sign up for this software by filling in this form. If you have any questions regarding this service, please email us and we will get back to you promptly.

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